The Contractor's Closing Success Blueprint
Mike Jeffries
About the Author:

Real world contractor marketing and sales expert, Mike Jeffries, has leveraged his background in finance, accounting and business development to create systems which immediately and dramatically increases his client’s ability to maximize lead generation, closing and customer retention. His proprietary Closing Success System© and Website Marketing Success System© are responsible for tens of millions of dollars in increased sales for his clients.

Mike is honored to be a Gold Qualified Presenter for the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) and a member of the Panel of Experts of National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Mike has presented his powerful marketing programs to numerous professional groups and companies in the contracting and service industries including the  PDCA, PPG Porter Paints, the Sherwin-Williams Company, NARI,  JLC LIVE, ProGreen Expo (Colorado), NJ Landscape Contractors Association, Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association, Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association, NJ Pest Management Association and many more.

Mike Jeffries is the Managing Partner of Rivers of Revenue LLC. The company provides strategic and tactical marketing consulting for companies with revenue up to $100 million. The company has a strong reputation and track record in the contracting and service industries. Mike holds a BS in Finance and an MBA in Accounting from the University of Connecticut. Mike lives in New Providence, New Jersey with his wife Denise and their two daughters Anna and Abby. Mike’s two older children Dan and Heather have graduated from college, gainfully employed and supporting themselves!


Here's what it's all about:

Of all the headaches contractors have when it comes to lead generation, marketing and sales, closing prospects and generating quality referrals   - Which one is Bugging the Heck out of You?

  • You’re spending $300 or more per month on advertising & marketing to generate leads and do you want to leverage that cost to get a better return?
  • You’re closing less than 50% of your sales calls.
  • You’ve lost jobs to bozo competitors and hackers... AND you know they are not as good as you.
  • You’re cutting your price more than 40% of the time….just to be in the running to get the job.
  • You find yourself giving honest estimates to too many people each week who only want the lowest price.
  • You feel insulted when people want to haggle over price. (Because you know your price is right for a quality project or system that will last).
  • You wonder how you can respond to this question without lowering your price and still get the job? “Gee Bill we like you but do you have any give in your price?”

This book is basic blocking and tackling.

In fact, as you review and study this program you may find yourself saying: “Hey...we do that”. Chances are you probably are doing some of the things in this program.

But here’s the difference.

You either don’t do them all...or in the right order...or with the wording that we’ve developed through testing and implementation since 2002.

In this simple to implement, easy to understand, complete program you and your sales team will learn team to:

First - increase your closing rate by 10%-50% almost immediately.

 This is not hype.  This rate of increase with his client’s is common when they implement the tactics and strategies.

Second - generate more leads and better quality leads, from your current website, ads and marketing, without having to spend any more money than you’re currently spending (or planning to spend).

Just a few of these things you’ll learn:

  • Take all the guesswork out of your presentations and ensure that you can confidently overcome the most common objections
  • Know what to say before, during and after meeting with the prospect
  • Have the confidence to close any profitable opportunity
  • Simply and easily increase your closing success without learning any slick sales training techniques or closing tricks.
  • What to say... and NOT say.... when you meet the prospect
  • How to deliver the number
  • Overcoming the most common objections
  • Proper follow up - without being a pest - and knowing when it's okay to walk away.

What real contractor’s who use these strategies have to say:

“We are on track in the 1st quarter of 2014 to exceed our sales for all of 2013.  The system has been amazing.  Out of the 5 prospects we have used the system with, I signed a construction contract and another 3 have signed design agreements.”  Jacob T.

"Your programs have made it so much easier to close - in fact I raised my prices 2 months ago and haven't seen any change in closing rate. Awesome." - Dalton. Supreme Painting

Thank you Mike the book was very helpful It has motivated me to do more to service the customer rather than just try to sell a cheaper product  It’s the little things tat make a big difference Thanks again Mike, Jimmy W.

Bottom Line:

If you're a good, reliable, honest company that's dedicated to providing quality work at a fair price...

If you’re tired of the endless frustrations of  lead generation, marketing and sales, closing prospects and generating quality referrals…

If you’re ready to learn how to closing more jobs, jobs, rarely having to lower your price to get a job, and start getting great referrals from you customers, then this book is for you.

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