Putin's Shoot-down!
David Joseph
About the Author:

David Joseph is a veteran Air Force Flyer. While in the Air Force, he flew on the HH-53, HH-3, HC-130, C-141, and KC-10 aircraft, and traveled to every continent in the world. His travels and experiences provide unlimited material for writing.
He is the author of Korea x 2 and Silent Six, a military thriller Trilogy, set on the Korean peninsula, The Bully & Other Stories, and the two best selling novelettes, The Great Hijacking and Putin's Shoot-down! He is currently writing the third novel in the Trilogy, Korea Unified, and Inspirational/Thriller short stories. "I have twenty short stories and three novels in my head!"


Two Malaysian airliners meet disaster within a few months.  At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Vladimir Putin contemplates his next move after the United States fails to deliver $1,000,000,000 that Putin deems belongs to him.  A few days later, an airliner mysteriously disappears—believed to be at the bottom of the sea.  Four months later, with the situation deteriorating in Ukraine, economic sanctions placed on Russia, and the fear of falling oil prices, Putin orders the shoot-down of MH17 flight over Ukraine.  David Joseph jolts readers by linking MH370 and MH17—the real-life parallels are shocking!

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