The Weather House
Gary E. Eddey
About the Author:

Born in New Jersey near the Hudson River and currently landlocked in Morristown, New Jersey, the author, a physician, descends from the original settlers of Block Island.  A writer of a few short stories and numerous professional articles, THE WEATHER HOUSE is the author's debut novel.  A second novel is in preparation.


The Weather House is part international espionage, part mystery, part adventure, and part historical with a focus on relationships, specifically between two teenage sisters.  The theme of needing to find relevance in one’s life, regardless of what happens, may sound simple but trying to ‘matter’, as the two sisters discover, is not an easy task.  The author sets the novel on Block Island and Brooklyn, knowing each location exceedingly well, and treats each location as if they are characters in the story.

Everyone knows Brooklyn.  But in 1916 Block Island, seventeen miles off the coast of Rhode Island, was probably more familiar to European explorers -- and the German Navy -- than it was to most Americans. 

Just months before the US enters World War I, a close knit family working together at Block Island’s United States Weather Station try to identify the motives of three strangers who suddenly appear on their Island.  Even before the first murder occurs, the Weather House crew realizes they need reinforcements, but who can they trust?  They contact the Office of Naval Intelligence – in 1916 the most sophisticated intelligence agency in the United States Government -- yet it remains up to the Block Islanders to clearly identify the true objectives of these men, which, if carried out, will decidedly change the course of our nation’s history.

With the two sisters as the focal point, The Weather House explores relationships and communication, motives, failure, hidden agendas and loss, and touches on the purpose of life … by introducing the reader to characters who are determined not to fail.  Set at a time when death and loss are still a routine aspect of the fabric of an isolated island life, the novel reminds us that unrelenting determination is a formidable companion and is within reach of all of us. 

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