Simply Jesus
About the Author:

Katie Kump is an Army wife, a nanny, and a mentor to college women who has found that writing is the only way to feel rightly. When she's not downing guacamole or turning the living room into a dance floor, you can find her celebrating the Word in her own words at KatieKump.com.


The chaos of a girl's growing-up years can quickly cloud the truest realities of her life and relationships. As Katie Kump looks back on her high school and college years, she points out how Jesus was there all along, making sense of her life, and encourages younger readers to find Him right where they are. Whether in the need for gossip or the disappointment of the prom, the longing to be married or the pressure to be someone you're not, Jesus is always there. Finding Him changes everything. In a blend of personal narrative and Biblical reference, Katie leads her audience to see that this life really is all about Jesus.

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