Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akashic Record
Lois J. Wetzel
About the Author:

Lois J. Wetzel was born in Dallas, Texas. She attended Dallas Public Schools, graduating from R. L. Turner High School in Carrollton, which is a Dallas suburb. She earned a BA in art education and and MFA in painting and drawing from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. About twenty years later she studied Clinical Psychology and Art Therapy at the University of Houston in Clear Lake City, near Houston. She is the mother of two adult sons and has recently become a grandmother.

Her books are about spirituality, metaphysics, and her mystical experiences, including her frequent experiences of contact from extra-dimensional beings of all kinds. Often, she is channeling information from Lightbeingts. Lois is a highly experienced teacher, healer, medical intuitive, shamanic practitioner, mystic and intuitive counselor. The spiritual realm is what Lois' life is about, and what she writes about. It is a major part of her Soul Contract in this lifetime. It also brings her great joy.

At this time, Lois still does readings from the Akashic Records for clients, intuitive counseling, and has a virtual learning center at her website: Hot Pink Lotus. There you can find free meditations, articles, Lois' radio show, and online classes. She is one of the world's experts in past life readings, and works with people all over the globe in this capacity.

At the website http://www.hotpinklotus.com you can sign up for the free newsletter and be kept abreast of Lois' free teachings, interesting spiritual information, notices of new books, appearances, and her free offerings.


In "Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akaashic Record" Lois J. Wetzel,MFA, has written the long-awaited sequel to her first book, "Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives." Yet "Reincarnation" takes the reader on a trip to the past like none other. Once again, riveting stories of the past lives of scores of different people are narrated. These lifetimes go back hundreds of thousands of years on Earth, allowing the reader glimpses of long-lost civilizations not contained in our historical record. In this book, unlike the first, the author challenges our ancient history as wrong, giving ample examples of proof we have lived on this swirling ball of minerals for hundreds of thousands of years! She talks about her past life readings for clients, but she also shares some of the spontaneous past life memories which others, including famous people, have had. 

The past lives of Lois' clients are shared so that the reader may learn and grow from the experiences of her clients. Naturally, clients' names and identifying information have been changed to protect their privacy. Surprisingly, some readers have said they actually felt some of their own past life issues were resolved as they read about the prior lifetimes of others. 

Why learn about our past lives? Isn’t this lifetime enough to handle? Because the whole story of who we are has to do with everything we have experienced. We know that who we are has a lot to do with our childhoods. Why would it not have to do with who we were in our prior lifetimes? Knowing about our past lives allows us to know more fully who we actually are at the level of the Immortal Soul. Why are we terrified of, instantly despise, or immediately adore someone we’ve just met? Why would we avoid visiting a certain location, even though there is no reason? Why do cruise ships or horses terrify us? Why are we so powerfully drawn to bow-hunting, cake decorating, scuba diving, fashion design or sailing having never experimented with it before? Why do some things come so easily people swear we have done it before? Why were we born with these predispositions? Are the answers in past lives? 

The author also includes correspondence between the clients and herself before and after the reading was done, so that we can see the client's experience of the reading, and the reaction to the reading and the information which came out of it. 

"Reincarnation" also discusses some truly strange concepts, like parallel and overlapping lifetimes, and why it may be possible to be alive in two bodies in different locations on a timeline that overlaps. Or how can we die and come back into the same body, remembering the out-of-body event with conscious awareness of ourselves while not in our bodies? 

All these topics and more lie between the pages of this fascinating and compelling book. 

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