Henry 1
Sydney Paige McCutcheon
About the Author:

Hi, my name is Sydney Paige McCutcheon, and I wrote the first draft of "Henry" the summer after I graduated high school. 

After years of edits and sending out queries letters, I chose to go the self-publishing route believing this is the way, at least for this first book, to go. I am excited to have it published and thankful God gave me connections who told me of LiberWriter when I wanted to get a Kindle version for my book (it is also available in Paperback on Amazon.com). 

The process was very easy and I would reccommend authors to use their website for creating ebooks!

The story for "Henry" I think has a different twist than common boy-meets-girl-type and I'm sure people like a change up in books from time to time. Readers meet Prue where her life changes, and follow her journey as she deals with the loss of her closest friend and sister, and also deals with her new roommate, Henry. 

Henry was a natural character to see, especially for such a complicated man. At least, Henry would say he's complicated and Prue would counterback that he's not as complicated as he likes to think - or as much as he likes to make other people think. And of course this automatic interaction between them makes me smile, remembering the days of writing their conversations. 

I love Prue. She's spunky, heartfelt, and says things others wish to say. 

I love Henry, too. He's fantastic, and dramatic, and has emotion even when being indifferent and dry. He says things without filter, too - good or bad. Together, these two can create quite a clash - but how will it end? The truth goes both ways, and for Henry and Prue, it could separate them forever. 

I hope this blurb has piqued your interest! "Henry" is a book full of joy, laughs, tears, and more.


After witnessing her sister's murder, Prue Collins is sent to a small town outside Astoria, Oregon, under the protection of the most unlikely guardian.

Rude and sarcastic, Ex-Officer Henry Clay wants nothing to do with his new roommate and doesn't mask any hard feelings, only secrets. His wheelchair gives Prue a glimpse of his tragic past and she can't fight curiosity as more clues come her way, opening her eyes to the true stranger she's been sent to live with—and possibly, meant to help save.

But the truth is like a loose string on an old shirt—you pull at it, and the entire fabric could come undone. As the trial looms closer, Prue will soon have to go back home. Will she leave well enough alone, or risk everything, even her own heart, to know the truth?

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