Mystical Poems by Three Contemporary New England Writers
Carol Mays, Richard Bachtold, Nina Andersen
About the Author:

Carol Mays has resided in seven states and sought truth through many religious and philosophical traditions. Throughout her life, she has been strongly drawn toward beauty in all its forms. She has been writing poetry for 47 years and has published several other books, including Poems of Peace and Renewal and Stardust, Shadows, and Secrets. The latter discusses the process of discovering and creating intrigue and enchantment in life. It also includes a novella in the magical realism vein.

Richard Bachtold has passionately followed his calling to poetry for over 30 years. He lives a simple lifestyle on a beloved two-acre homestead in rural Hardwick, Massachusetts. For the most part, inspiration for his creative work comes from the beautiful natural landscape which surrounds him. For many years, he has independently studied the poetical process and the poetical heritage. He has self-published four books of poetry, the most recent compilation being Poems of the One.

Nina Andersen is a poet who's search for truth and God has led her into realms of spiritual experiences, leading to spiritual knowledge and soul enlightenment. The visions and intensity of her experiences are expressed through her poems, in her desire to bring spirituality and enlightenment to others. Nina lives in Hardwick, Massachusetts, in a yellow-windowed house, surrounded by nature, flowers, and woodland. She is a poet, mystic, and therapist, and she teaches Critical Thinking and Problem Solving at a community college in Worcester.


Ninety soul-stirring poems by three authors are woven together in this beautiful, uplifting book. The writing is clear, sparkling, sophisticated, heart-felt, and non-dogmatic. Offered as a vital counterpoint to a world rife with anxiety, strife, divisions, confusion, uprootedness, and fear, the book's themes include natural connections, identities, relationships, time, eternity, visions, dreams, and fantasies.

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