Game of Thrones Black Belt in Trivia
By M.A.L.
About the Author:

Give yourself the knowledge to hold your own against even the most fanatical Game of Thrones and ASOIAF fans. A Song of Ice and Fire is a series of epic fantasy novels written by American novelist and screenwriter George R. R. Martin.  It is his genius that we celebrate here.    Do you have what it takes to hold your own against your fellow lovers of all things related to Game of Thrones?  Do you think you can be a Black Belt in Game of Thrones Trivia?  Come join the fanatical Game of Thrones fans among us, with links to the videos and sites where we debate and theorize and discuss the books as well as the HBO show.   This detailed and fun trivia quiz and test book also has direct links to sources from all over the internet, including video with links to scenes and background details that can keep you within the mind of the genius known as George R.R. Martin.  We welcome you to our obsession.  We hope you agree that George has created a world that is one of the richest fantasy worlds ever created.  This Trivia and Quiz book is not only a ranking system for Game of Thrones, but it can also be your ultimate guide to the wonderful world G.R.R.M. created. Enjoy Game of Thrones Quizzes all the way up to the Black Belt Test in Game of Thrones Trivia.   Over 500 questions and answers and links designed to help you become an expert or Black Belt in Game of Thrones Trivia. Enjoy!

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