The Profit Machine
Larry Earnhart, Ph.D., M.B.A.
About the Author:

Larry’s motto is “take the road less travelled.” After earning his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Georgia Tech he built a lab for a flavor and fragrance company (where he was responsible for manufacturing the flavoring for Fresca) earning two patents for a process used to manufacture additives to be used at Savannah River Nuclear Plant to remove radionuclides from the waste stored in the leaking underground storage tanks there.

He moved on to running chemical plants, learning Chemical Engineering on-the-job, as Operations Manager as well as Project Manager, Lab Manager, Quality, Safety & Environmental Manager, ran Packaging & Shipping and was Emergency Response Team Leader. He was responsible for implementation of an SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system for his plantsite and led a successful ISO 9002 reregistration as well. And he earned an MBA from Pepperdine University.

When the Montreal Protocol regulations caused his plant to shut down he moved from Los Angeles to Victoria, BC in Canada where he bought a restaurant & sold it, bought a franchise business & sold it and was a financial advisor for a time. He lives there with his teenage son where he hikes, reads and writes & blogs about business. 


If your business is not earning profits you will soon be out of business.

In The Profit Machine, author Larry Earnhart shows you what it takes to turn your business into a profit making machine. Find out how to put Profit as the goal of your business driving all other aspects of your operation.

Learn how to transform your business into the business you always dreamed it could be. Follow Handyman Joe and see how he learns to apply the 5 Parts of Profit to his business dealing with the same problems small business owners face every day.

Learn how to create a referral-based business and how to get customers to return again and again.

Learn about the folly of discounting and how to raise your prices instead.

Learn about the 5 Parts of Profit

  • Number of Prospects
  • Conversion Rate
  • Price
  • Number of Repeat Customers
  • Profit Margin

Each of the 5 Parts of Profit fits with the others to cover the entire process of operating a business. By putting Profit first, by making incremental improvements, by delighting your customers you can make your business the best.

Become the entrepreneur you know you can be. Turn your business into a Profit Machine.

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