Fox: Book One/ Funding Angel
J. Adams
About the Author:


While the author loves all of America, he prefers the American Southwest. A local saying is that Fort Worth is where the West begins: Dallas is where the East peters out. J. Adams lives and works right on the edge. America is the longest-running party of all time, but America's Indians know the party can end.


J. Adams has long been a reader, during which time he criticized the works of others. Years ago, he decided to write something of his own and give others the chance to criticize him.


Funding Angel, by J. Adams, is available at Amazon. com. The second book in the series, Elmyr's Angel, should be on Amazon by the end of August. LiberWriter is on it now.


The author is working hard to make the third book, Angel, Home Again, available by Christmas.



"My real name is Mary Margaret, but for some time now I've been 'Angel,' which I like a lot better than 'Mary Margaret'." When May Jennings sent her daughter away for a week at a desert resort to search her soul and find herself, she never expected Mary Margaret to return with two million dollars to hide in the attic. This crime novel features numerous erotic passages, both hetero and girl-girl.




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