The Tainted
Anna Hill
About the Author:

In an effort to deal with her adult ADHD, Anna spent the last ten years traveling across the world and taking in all the adventure it has too offer. She has now settled down in Vancouver BC, for at least the time being, and is taking a stab at normal life. To cement this aspiration even further, she received a degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia. She now dedicates herself to her lifelong passion of writing and is debuting her work with the first novel in the The Tainted series...as well as running away on any adventure she can afford.


Orphaned at birth, Rebecca’s life had been anything but easy. From run-ins with the law to being bounced from one foster home to another, trouble and misery had followed Rebecca like a shadow. But now, entering her senior year of high school, Rebecca’s life finally had a few bright spots—a kind elderly couple had taken her in, her grades were on the rise, and she’d found a best friend. Except for the vivid night terrors that continued to plague her sleep, her life was becoming rather ordinary. That is, until she met Maverick—a tall, handsome stranger who said he held a secret to her past and that he could transform her greatest fear into her greatest gift. But to uncover this secret, Rebecca would need to embroil herself in a violent feud that has raged for centuries—a vendetta that could cost her everything, including her life. Faced with a terrible choice, Rebecca must decide whether to keep her newfound sense of normalcy and the relationships with those she’d come to love or risk it all and throw her life back into chaos in order to discover what she truly is...Tainted.

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