Thirteen Pieces
Rob Seas
About the Author:

Have you ever had a dream where you could not move, get away, stay safe, think clearly? Sure you have. Have you experienced any of those things in reality central? Have you ever been drawn towards a sixteen foot monster covered in barnacles and seaweed who is beckoning to you to come closer as it sounds its gong powered by the scend of the sea? Well, I grew up on the Jersey Shore and faced that monster off the mouth of Shark River between Avon-By-The-Sea and Belmar NJ numerous times. It is the feeling of quiet desperation with a musketeer flair that I like to write about from the the foggy mists of New England to the sun bleached shores of Florida. I now have time to write now about these things. Book 2, "SWIRLS AND SHADOWS," A Simon O'Rourke Adventure, is under construction and new challenges will abound for our intrepid characters and, yes, the evildoers as well. Book 1, "Thirteen Pieces" is available in Kindle format NOW on Amazon. Great Summer reading awaits YOU !!!

Sincerely, Rob Seas





This is a tale about my fictional hero and probably my alter ego all rolled into one, Simon O'Rourke and his friends and enemies. Simon is experiencing from time to time some rather strange, some would say otherworldly, happenings that really can't be explained away very easily, at least not in a way that would let you sleep better at night. Don't worry, Simon is as baffled as everybody else, except probably Zed. Who is Zed? That is, Indeed, a worthy question. This tale is centered in New England but meanders back to Florida with a side trip to a Cuban dungeon and is very suitable to curl up with on a rainy day or a day when you want a respite from the terrible tube.

Join Simon who is doing his best to figure things out along with you.......

"Then from the lonely distance comes a sad and ghostly sound; 'Tis tie Shadow Phantom that is calling, like the baying of a hound........."

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