Barbara G Louise
About the Author:

The author was born a “middle class,” over-privileged WASP in 1943. and “came out” into gay life in 1965.  After an internship at a major hospital in Cleveland, she graduated from Kent State University in May of 1970 with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, and also a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a general minor.  She became a Jew-by-Choice in 1973.  She is a proud retired member of 1199SEIU, the National Healthcare Workers Union, and participated in the great 1984 Hospital Strike in NYC.  She is also a Wobblie.

Barbara G Louise is an Empath, her own feelings always strongly affected by the presence of other beings (usually human, although she can feel other mammals too, like horses, cats dogs, and dolphins). While writing The Rabble and the Rich, she finally had to realize she had to do the creative part physically alone, in order to discover, without the emotional input of anyone else’s worldview, exactly what she personally had to say about capitalism, the necessity for revolution, Marxism, government, and anarkhism.  She knows her communist friends will disagree with her, and most other anarkhists also.  Which is why she had to find her own ideas and opinions.

Barbara conceives of her potential audience as “middle class” or formerly “middle class” mostly-white people who are disgusted by our current economic system and disenchanted with the failed idea of the “American dream,” whereby we were all supposed to work hard and grow into a comfortable life free of hunger, economic worry, and random violence (regardless of skin colour), where we could raise our children in safety.  She cannot pretend to be anything other than what she is: a white, anti-Racist, formerly “middle class” person who can speak most genuinely to other “middle Class” people.

Since she was born in 1943, she is not young.  For most of her life, the twenty-first century was the far future. ((She can even remember when 1976 was the far future.))  She did not grow up with the InterNet. 

So she was at first reluctant to publish electronically.  To her, and to most people her age, a book is bound hardcopy she can decoratively store on a bookshelf, hold in her hands, and manually turn the pages with more than a casual flick of her fingers. 

But as a long time reader of science fiction, Barbara must admit, and rejoice, that the future is here now.  To the people of the twenty-first century, the InterNet is Reality.  She even has a connection in her house.  Although she has plenty of hardcopies on her bookshelves, her most useful dictionary is online, so she can most quickly consult it while she is writing with her computer on her lap. 

Having finished the Work which serves as the culmination of her lifetime of reading, thinking about politics and philosophy — and engaging in whatever progressive activism she was not too cowardly to commit — she began the soul-numbing process of trying to break into print without any interest in, or talent for, writing short stories to introduce herself to readers in her genre.  Considering the difficulty an unknown new writer has in finding a publisher these days, especially for a book with a bluntly anti-capitalist theme, Barbara despaired of getting her novel published anytime before she died.

Then one night after Erev Rosh Hashannah services at her synagogue, someone suggested that the visiting Cantor — Bonnie J. Gordon, whose delightful retelling of the Exodus story — Escape from Goshen — for children, can be found on Amazon for Kindle (and in paperback) — could tell her how to publish online, so Barbara asked her how, and she did. 

There is a song from the sixties or seventies, from the time when Barbara was “officially” involved with Gay Liberation:

It isn’t nice to block the doorway,

It isn’t nice to go to jail.

There are nicer ways to do it

But the nice ways always fail.

Of course, escape from the life-smothering excesses of capitalism is only necessary in the alternate universe of The Rabble and the Rich.  In our universe, our relatively tiny corner of the Multiverse, capitalism is the greatest economic system the human species has ever produced.  You better believe it.  Anyone can get rich!  

Only losers, like Barbara G Louise, who has no interest in, and no talent for, the thieving manipulations of high finance, cannot get rich and join the storied 1% who own our supposedly democratic government and manipulate it to further their own selfish financial interests, no matter how the losers suffer while their totally-unimportant qualities of life plummet as the rich get richer.

So, since Barbara is too old to survive arrest and torture by armed and armored agents of the federal or state governments, the reader will please remember that no revolution (especially by the Left) is necessary in our universe, absolutely none.  Barbara is definitely not advocating a Leftist revolution.

Capitalism is the end of history.  Revolution is unneeded, and impossible.  You better believe it.

Cleaveland and the universe of The Rabble and the Rich can be found somewhere in the infinite reaches of the Multiverse, along with: Utopia;  Erewhon;  Oz;  Lilliput;  Precipice, CA;  Shora;  Earthsea;  Hain;  Gethen;  Anarres;  (The Word for World is) Forest;  Aka;  Middle Earth;  the Shire;  BarsoomMalacandra;  Salvay;  Anthea;  Wonderland;  Underland;  the Island of Dr. Moreau;  Kendra-on-the-Delta;  Arun;  Barrayar;  Quaddiespace;  Lucifer (the planet);  Zomia;  Kkhadee;  Chaos;  Dyson Prime;  Nueva Cuba;  Darkover;  the Stand on Zanzibar;  (the disk of) Gaia (in orbit of Saturn)Beninia;  Mouth-of-Mattapoisett, MA;  A Paradise Built in Hell;  Luna Free State;  the Golden Globe;  Babylon 5;  and the Star Trek Galaxy.


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DOCUMENTS of the PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF NORTH AMERICA is a collection of non-narrative writing which supplements the three books of the controversial RABBLE AND THE RICH Trilogy, the tale of an alternative universe — a universe nothing like our own, of course — where the terrible division between the rich capitalists and the Working Class has reached its climax.

Truth in Advertising compels the author to reveal that each section of DOCUMRNTS has been published before, in the Xtra areas at the back of the books of the Trilogy, THE RABBLE AND THE RICH, although there have been extensive additions to A COLLECTION OF REBELS since the Trilogy was first published.

The DOCUMENTS excerpted from the controversial speculative-fiction trilogy-novel, The RABBLE AND THE RICH, are, first of all, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE PEOPLE’S SOLIDARITY OF NORTH AMERICA, wherein the customs and ideology of a future free, anarkhist society are enumerated and established.

Also included is an extensive BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SPECULATIVE FICTION AND LEFT-LEANING BOOKS which inspired and educated the author of The RABBLE AND THE RICH, as well as A COLLECTION OF REBELS, including Val Plumwood, Emma Goldman, Assata Shakur, Frederick Douglass, Big Bill Haywood, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Angela Davis, James Tiptree Jr, Ursula K. LeGuin, Urvashi Vaid, Emiliano Zapata, and Cindy Sheehan, as well as further activists, anarchists, socialists, communists, and others in our universe who have contributed to the evolutionary and cultural trend towards a civilization free from capitalism and its ills.

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