Breach of Alien Contract
Paul R. Clarence
About the Author:

Paul Clarence is a retired technical professional living in the desert southwest of the United States.  His primary field was electronics maintenance, construction, and development, and he has extensive experience in mechanical systems maintenance and modification.  He has worked in civilian, aerospace, and university environments and holds numerous awards for technical systems development and technical project support functions, and has experience in reverse engineering, QA, technical documentation, and complete systems design.  He says: "My career led me to meeting many interesting people with often incredible, and sometimes terrifying stories to tell.  My father was an excellent story teller whether he was relating actual events or just spinning a tale for pure entertainment, but he excelled at combining the two skills.  Eventually, I was compelled to start writing about what I had learned in a lifetime of listening and reading.  Making the most of my father's storytelling legacy has been one of the more difficult learning curves of my life.  But as is so often true, the very difficult task done well is the most gratifying accomplishment.  Hearing about an excited reader eager for another story is an incredible reward."


Ride along as FBI agents are ordered to investigate a series of bombings that begin when aliens and bureaucrats that do not trust each other quarrel over a treaty that is worth more if it is broken.


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