Korea Trilogy
David Joseph
About the Author:

David Joseph is a veteran Air Force Flyer. While in the Air Force, he flew on the HH-53, HH-3, HC-130, C-141, and KC-10 aircraft, and traveled to every continent in the world. His travels and experiences provide unlimited material for writing.
He is the author of Korea x 2, Silent Six, and Putin’s Gold, a military thriller Trilogy, set on the Korean peninsula, The Bully & Other Stories, and the two best-selling novelettes, The Great Hijacking and Putin's Shoot-down! He is currently writing a short story collection called Stories From The Abyss and a novel about expelling the Russians from Crimea. He holds a Master of Arts in Military Studies from American Military University.

 "I have twenty short stories and three novels in my head!"



Korea x2 (Book One)

The Korean CIA Director is killed by a North Korean assassin.  Counterfeiting, drugs, and weapons of terror finance the North Korean government.  Three Air Force Pararescuemen and a CIA Officer join with the South Korean 707th Brigade, a team of female assassins, to form a team, known only by President Reagan and CIA Director Casey, as "the Silent Six."  Their task: the destruction of the North Korean gangster regime.  “The Silent Six” is the ultimate Special Operations Team.


Silent Six (Book Two)

Author David Joseph brings his most intriguing thriller yet—a terrifying story about terrorism and rescue—brilliantly paced with superb nonstop action.   While tracking the 9/11 terrorist hijackers at the “Kuala Lumpur Summit,” the Silent Six team are redirected on a rescue mission of sheer audacity and nerve--rescue a group of children being transported from Camp 14 in North Korea. Here is David Joseph’s heart-stopping masterpiece, a riveting novel about the most diabolical government and criminal syndicate that ever existed—the Kim regime and Office 39.


Putin’s Gold (Book Three)

Putin and Kim Jong Un unleash a deadly reign of global terror by hijacking a Malaysian airliner, shooting down a Malaysian airliner, and circulating the “PBF,” the Perfect Ben Franklin.  CIA Director Mike Perry followed the evil Office 39 Director for over thirty years and finally has a chance to eliminate him along with the Kim regime.  As an added bonus, the Federal Reserve cripples the Putin government through manipulating the oil markets, applying economic sanctions, and acquiring huge gold reserves in North Korea.  Putin’s Gold is a shocking novel paralleling real world events.

David Joseph's electrifying conclusion to the Korea Trilogy--now a media tie-in to two airliner incidents--will have you glued to the page right down to the last word.

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