Australian Expat Essentials
Craig Joslin
About the Author:

Craig Joslin is the founder of The Australian Expat Investor, a company dedicated to empowering accomplished Australian expats with the knowledge and tools to develop clear and effective investment strategies that optimise their tax obligations and maximise their wealth while living overseas.

Craig is an Australian Expat living in Europe and, before starting The Australian Expat Investor, had a successful corporate career working for a number of multi-national companies.  He is a successful property and share investor, and likes to provide clarity to people in the confusing and complex world of international tax and personal finance.


Australian Expat Essentials - An Introductory Guide to the tax and financial implications for Australians living abroad provides an overview of the key issues that can impact the wealth of Australians who chose to live overseas.  Topics covered in this book include :

  • Tax Considerations - What does tax residency mean?  Are you an Australian resident or non-resident for tax purposes? and what does it mean?  Do you need to continue completing an Australian tax return while living abroad?
  • Medicare and Health Insurance - Understand whether you are still liable for the Medicare levy.  Will you still be covered by Medicare?  Do you need to retain private health insurance in Australia?
  • Superannuation - understand the arrangements with foreign countries that allow you to continue contributing to your superannuation.  Understand the implications for your self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) when you move overseas.
  • Transfering Money Internationally - understand the best way to send money abroad or back to Australia that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.
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