Akako's Addiction
Kelly Kitano
About the Author:

Born in Osaka, Kelly Kitano was raised the only child in a traditional, conservative Japanese family.  By day she is a sexual predator on the hunt and a secretive, erotica writer, writing about her experiences as an Air Force officer’s wife.  By night, she is a devoted housewife to a retired officer, now employed with a fortune 500 company in northern California.



Akako’s addiction—black men—is a collection of juicy interracial stories: First Taste, Back to Yokota, Akako’s Wedding, and Akako in India.  Akako is a naughty girl loyal to all sex involving flesh and juice.  To look at Akako, a traditional Japanese woman raised in Japan, most people would never imagine the sexual taboos she crossed—always leaving wet-mouthed, with her brain desiring more—leading to her addiction!

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