Schalke 04 : An introduction
John Alder
About the Author:

John Alder is a huge fan of Germany, its history, language and people. 
He is also a keen follower of the Bundesliga, and wants to bring the joys of watching football in Germany to a wider audience.


In 1904 a group of young miners from the German mining town of Gelsenkirchen got together to play football.  They had very little money, no kit to wear, no ball to play with.  They didn’t even have a pitch to play on. This book tells the story of how the club these young men formed grew to become Schalke 04, one of the biggest, wealthiest and best-known football clubs in the world.

It describes the lives of famous players, takes a look at Schalke’s passionate fans, and explains why the club is so important to its town and region.

There is also plenty of practical information for anyone thinking of coming to see a game or wanting to follow Schalke from afar.

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