The Single Girls Guide to Greek Gods from A to Z
Grace Frame
About the Author:

The author joined the Women's Movement in 1968 after personal study in Mythology, Anthropology and Archaeology with a final commitment to AnthroApology.  Her work includes the current e-book THE ONUS ON MEN AND HOW IT GREW -- THE BONUS TO WOMEN and soon to be e-books: WARTIME IN AMERICA, 1941-1945, A HOMEFRONT IDYL; GENDER THERAPY, AN ILLUSTRATED ANTHOLOGY;. THE SEARCH FOR THE LEGENDARY SKYSCRAPER PEOPLE.  She is a cartoonist as well as a researcher and writer.


Here is an updated dating game from antiquity. THE SINGLE GIRLS GUIDE TO GREEK GODS prepares a modern woman to meet all of the Greek Gods from A to Z, from Aesculapius to Zeus.  This is a matchup that lets a woman know what to really expect in the relationship with valuable tips about how to meet each of the Gods and their various relatives. There are no surprises left for later.

The Guide is intended for the down-to-earth woman who does not expect every man to be the equal of a Greek God -- and for those who are interested in the Classics -- and who have met a few too.  It is tongue-in-cheek, so to speak, informative and fun.

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