Church Can Ruin You and Religion Can Kill You
Steve Wolf
About the Author:

Steve Wolf operates a teaching and healing ministry based out of Broken Arrow, Ok. He is a former member of a Christian strength team,and a former associate pastor. Now he is focusing on fulfulling his calling which is restoring the body of Christ to the power it once walked in by equipping the Saints with the power of God which is the True Gospel (the gospel of God's unconditional love and radical grace).

The purpose of this book is to expose the religious traditions of man that make the Word of God of no effect, to counter them with the truth, and to set people free. Can a person be living in bondage and not even know it? Have you ever wondered if there's more to the Christian life than what you are experiencing? Can you say that God's blessings are chasing and overtaking you, or are you constantly chasing after God's blessings? This book will shine a Biblical light on the state of today's churches. Wrong teaching and false doctrines will be rooted out so that we can return to the true Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation.
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