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The author joined the Women's Movement in 1968 after personal study in Mythology, Anthropology and Archaeology with a final commitment to AnthroApology.  Her works include e books: THE ONUS ON MEN AND HOW IT GREW - THE BONUS TO WOMEN, THE SINGLE GIRLS GUIDE TO GREEK GODS; WARTIME IN AMERICA 1941-1945 and soon to be an e book the illustrated satire MEET THE LEGENDARY SKYSCRAPER PEOPLE.  She is a cartoonist as well as a researcher and writer.


GENDER THERAPY is an anthology illustrated with ancient motifs and achetypes.  Chapter 1: GENDER ENVY The principal source of strife in the real Battle of the Sexes; the malady of Men's Bloodshed Envy, and the remedy proposed. Chapter 2: BEGINNING A DOSIER ON ANCIENT WOMEN Not merely matriarchs, not really goddesses, not lowly prostitutes.  Chapter 3: PRIMARY EDUCATION Leading up to the Factuality of WRIT LARGE, this is a fictional account of a frightened mother and daughter who find refuge after an earthquake at a sibyls' school.  The young daughter learns that the earth also has to give birth.  Chapter 4: WRIT LARGE Illustrated for a sky watching party.  We sea mammals who for a time have been tillers of the earth are intent upon reaching the stars, anciently perceived as islands in the sky with correlations to sacral islands on earth.  In venturing on the dark waters of the heavens above, we may find that the old mariners' tales are Writ Large. Chapter 5: THE MIND IS A TEMPLE, THE HEART IS AN ALTAR The ancients learned by heart through induced mood -- sensational learning, through art, poetry, theatre, music, dance, constructing and reconstructing as needed through memory the Temple of the Mind around the Altar of the Heart.  It is the heart that gets wounded, not the mind.  Chapter 6: MEMORY SERVES: APPLIED HERITAGE S/He who thinks in circles, twisting and turning 8 vs. the dead-ended linear men-tality invents the wheel not the missile. Chapter 7: WHAT IS IN A WORD English is a scavenged language accrued through ultimate tourism through rampaging, conquering far-reigners.  However words retain history and we have a lot to learn. Chapter 8: MATCH THE CAPTIONS, PAIR THE PICTURES



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