Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?
Rona Lewis
About the Author:

Rona Lewis, fitness and lifestyle coach, speaker and healthy chef, believes anyone can laugh and cook healthfully at the same time. Her biting sense of humor makes "Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?" entertaining, while imparting interesting and pertinent information about food not usually seen in a basic cookbook. 99% of the recipes can be made and served in an hour or less...and they're not your "average Joe" recipes, either!  Try something new tonight...and tomorrow night...and giggle while you do it!

Included in this low fat/low carb cookbook are nutritional breakdowns of the recipes and explanations of what these vitamins and minerals actually DO for the body!  Rona regales us with fun food facts and helpful tips as well as hysterical quotes about food from surprising sources...


Over 100 Yummy, Low Fat/Low Carb Recipes EVERYONE will eat!

Every day, women come home from work harried and stressed to face the unenviable question, “What can I make my family for dinner that’s quick, easy, nutritious and doesn’t have 5,763 calories per serving?” 

Well now there’s help. In Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat? Rona Lewis’s humor combined with her healthy, tasty recipes make preparing meals for you and your family easy and fun.  Her hilarious, edgy prose keeps you smiling, while the delicious dishes will keep your family coming back for more.

And she doesn’t stop there.  With fascinating chapters like “Herbs and their Health Benefits”,Foods with that Extra Punch and Mood Boosting Foods”, Rona gives you great information you won’t find anywhere elseDoes This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat? will surely become a staple for your everyday, healthy cooking.

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