Miracle of Hominy Falls
Tom Surbaugh
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The author:
Tom Surbaugh is a native of Parkersburg, West Virginia and a long time television writer/producer having spent stints with Creative Sports, ESPN and NASCAR Media Group. He currently is a media specialist with a national television network and lives with his wife and son in Matthews, North Carolina.

The Miracle of Hominy Falls is a story that is very close to his heart. Two of the four miners who died in the accident were relatives. A story that has largely been forgotten, the author presents this tragic chapter in West Virginia coal mining history in a positive light where faith in God and basic common sense lead the "lost" out of the darkness. 





About the book...Miracle of Hominy Falls

The against all odds story of survival during the 1968 Hominy Falls, West Virginia coal mine disaster is told through the hand-written journal of trapped miner John Moore. His daughter Vicki tells of the nearly two weeks of waiting and wondering if they would ever see her father and his co-workers alive after the flooded mine cut them off from the outside world. Faith and calm heads prevail as all but four miners working nearly two miles inside Big Sewell Mountain would eventually make it out alive in what has been described as a miracle. 

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