The Legendary Skyscraper You-Mens
Grace Frame
About the Author:

The author joined the Women's Movement in 1968 after personal study in Mythology, Anthropology and Archaeology with a final commitment to Anthro-Apology.  She is a cartoonist as well as a researcher and writer.  Her works include other e-books: Wartime In America 1941-1945 -- An Homefront Idyl; The Single Girls' Guide to Greek Gods; The Onus on Men and How It Grew -- The Bonus to Women; Gender Therapy, an Illustrated Anthology.


In the words of the courageous archaeologist missionary who sacrificed her own well-being to save all Atlanteans from further descent on the evolutionary scale: We are fotunate to have come to Atlantis at a time long after we might have encountered the Rockmen of Megaton Island in their rise as Rockefellas or in their rapid decline as Goodfellas.  Worse we might have encountered the 'World's Most Powerfus Man' in the form of a John-son or a Jack-son, or have been 'smitten' by silver screen goddesses.  Rather, we rapidly gained ascendancy over the inhabitants in their present total degardation.  Wherever we encounter the species, we must not assign our qualities of caring and compassion to such combative, overly talkative animals or we run the risk of permitting their modern mutants, however small in size and number they may be, too much liberty to run about untethered.  (I do protest that the caging of any animal should only be done in extreme circumstances regardless of the custom among You-Mens to keep so many of their own kind in cages.)

And so, this long over-due illustrated study for a comprehensive Anthro-Apology is offered to the perceptive reader based on the translated journals of Sorrel Starling, a deserted, denigrated missionary to the Burning West.  Through Rev. Starling's hands-on analysis of finds out of the cavernous ruins of Megaton Island, sifted and sorted from the mud of an infested swamp where tons of wash were white-washed, exhumed from haunted religious sites in Holy-Wood, the frightening, shocking, wierd evidence mounts to conclusively reveal how ancient Skyscraperans of the First and Second Millennia lived and died. 

Let the reader decide under Universal Suffrage whether You-Manity should be classified as and Endangered Species or a Dangerous Species. Please sign up to receive more information when The Legendary Skyscraper You-Mens is a published e-book.

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