The Geode Room
Kip A. Kennedy
About the Author:

I've had a lifetime of pleasure in writing short stories. I wrote The Geode Room so that I could bring some of my favorite characters to a setting that would allow me to more fully develop their personalities and understanding of life. I'm very interested in understanding people's feelings, and learning to know more about the interconnectedness they share with others in the development of their lives. Reader input has taken this process full circle for me, providing insights into both my storyline, and the private stories of readers, too.


The Geode Room has provided me with a setting to share the wisdom I've learned throughout my life. It's a fun and interesting story that encourages readers to become deeply involved with both the characters and setting. Many readers of the first edition of this book have contacted me to share their satisfaction with having known my characters in this lengthy multigenerational perspective on their lives.

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