Oh Crap! My Hair is Falling Out!
About the Author:

I wrote this book in high hopes of helping others who may suffer from the same emotional devistation that I had in losing my hair.  Doctors were of no help and felt I HAD to do something.  Friends were making comments and one even told me I was going to have to go get a wig soon. I was embarresed to go out in public and felt so self conscious.  I was desperate! I did countless hours of research and put together a lot of valuable information. What did I get in return for all of that? A FABULOUS thick head of beautiful hair. Hair that I get cut once every 3 weeks because it grows so fast! Never again will I take that for granted.  If you are experiencing hair loss this book can turn your life around.

RG Williams lives on the beautiful western slope of CO with her husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats, an old cow horse and a slightly demanding burro named Poncho (who if does not get his grain before sundown will remind her about it at approximately midnight.) :(



This book is filled with tons of valuable information to not only stop your hair from falling out but to start re-growing a GREAT new head of hair,"naturally of course."  

You will also learn how taking some very inexpensive things internally and making a couple of easy changes can make your whole body not only function better but potentialy age slower.  And yes, there is also some humor (even though losing your hair is anything BUT funny.)

Are you ready to get educated and get started on a beautiful new head of hair?

You will feel more confident, be happier and look "sexy" with your new head of beautiful hair!



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