My Life Beautiful: Create The Life Of Your Dreams, One Step At A Time
Sally L. Ford
About the Author:

My book is the culmination of a personal 20-year spiritual journey. As happens with major shifts in life, I was catapulted onto this journey by my husband's life-threatening illness. I was terrified and had no place to turn. In situations like this, this is when most people turn to God,  Trouble was God and I weren't on speaking terms--I had been raised with the hell and damnation of the Baptist church and I had decided God wasn't such a nice guy. So, I found my comfort in books, New Thought books that suggested ways of living that were completely foreign to me.  Books that told me I could create my life however I wanted and that, in fact, I was entirely and solely responsible for my life and my circumstances. I began to practice the things I was learning and they were changing my life in significant ways.  I learned that what you think about, you bring about.  I learned that the Universe (my term for God) was for me and not against me. I learned that the Law of Attraction was a magnificent tool I could use to bring to me everything I wanted.

So, given my personal experiences, I wanted to share what I had learned with others so that they too could create a beautiful life.


My book outlines the steps I have learned in my own life that lead to success and happiness.  We each create our lives either by default (whatever happens, happens) or deliberately. I show you in my book how you can deliberately create your life using your thoughts, your feelings, your intuition, your attitude toward gratitude and  visualization.. And, then last but not least, how to take action to actually create the life of your dreams.

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