Man with No Yesterdays
Susan Moore Jordan
About the Author:

When Susan Moore Jordan was a high school student in the mid nineteen-fifties in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a close friend went through a shattering event just as she was preparing to audition for the high school’s annual musical. Decades later Jordan used that experience of tragedy to triumph to write her first novel, How I Grew Up, in 2013. Two additional novels followed: Eli’s Heart in 2014 and You Are My Song in 2015, completing “The Carousel Trilogy.” A fourth novel, Jamie’s Children, was released in July, 2016.

Memories of Jake, the first book in a two-part series set during the Vietnam War era, was released in March, 2017, followed by Man with No Yesterdays in November, 2017. All of Jordan's novels are drawn from her life experiences as a voice teacher and stage director and are inspired by real people she has encountered.

Jordan attended the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati and moved to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania in 1971 with her late husband and three young children, where she established a private voice studio in 1979. Her students have gone on to leading schools of music and opera or musical theater companies around the world. 
Beginning in 1984, Jordan directed some eighty local community and high school musical theater productions. She retired from directing in 2015 after over thirty years and wrote about her adventures in “More Fog, Please”: Thirty-One Years Directing Community and High School Musicals, released in November, 2015.

All of her books are available on Amazon in paperback, and the novels are also available as Kindle editions. Paperback copies of Jordan’s books can be purchased locally at the Pocono Cinema and Community Center in East Stroudsburg whenever the theater is open.


"I was born somewhere over the South China Sea in a military transport plane ..."

Jake Cameron is facing the struggle of his life. A helicopter crash in Vietnam leaves Jake with total amnesia, and the young Green Beret returns home to a family he doesn't know and a life he can't remember.

Unable to be the son and brother his family has lost, Jake sets out to learn whatever he can about the man he was. When he uncovers a dark family secret, he decides to protect the people he loves by disappearing.

Susan Moore Jordan's new historical novel, MAN WITH NO YESTERDAYS, follows Jake on his journey as he fights to find himself ... a journey that takes him into his past, connects him with other Vietnam veterans, and eventually leads him to situations, places, and a love he would never have dreamed possible.

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