Adriana's Secrets: The betrayal alone would have crushed a lesser woman
Cheryl Colwell
About the Author:

Cheryl Colwell drops characters you love into stunning locations, where dark contemporary and historical occurrences summon them to action. Each novel takes you on an adventurous quest popping with mystery, romance, and suspense. Inspired by museum finds and historical events she unearths in the cities and countries she visits, her stories keep you guessing what is fact and what is fiction. And who dunnit.


In this historical prequel to The Secrets of the Montebellis,  Adriana Montebelli navigates the challenges of woman's suffrage, union violence, and the tragic hardships of love and loss. Orphaned in 1888, Adriana's life is swept along at the whim of forceful men who decide where she will live and who she will marry. Instead of breaking her, their cruel deceptions toughen her resolve to take control. Though she rises to manage the vast Van Buren estate, she wonders if her shattered  heart will have the strength to love again. 

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