Great Ways to Injure Yourself
Carol O'Connor
About the Author:

Pain is something Carol puts her hands on every day.  With training and experience, it is sometimes obvious that the pain that troubles a person has roots deeper than the pain that presents.

Sometimes, it is quite simply a postural fault, especially as we all crunch ourselves in front of computers for hours on end, whether we are working or playing. 

Carol has been doing hands on work with clients for over 20 years and became a licensed massage therapist in 2006 with well over 2000 hours of training and thousands more in experience and learning.  Her desire to help with her clients' healing probably stems from a family history of migraines, her mother's background in nursing and her father's in spiritual care.


This is a straight forward look at the most common, "every day" injuries and pains that tend to present in the offices of doctors, physios and other manual therapists.

Carol writes in a light hearted, clear style.  Medical terminology is explained simply and some of the most obvious reasons for pain are illuminated.  Headaches, knee pain, and back pain are common to many people.  This book helps you to pinpoint what's hurting and why.

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