The Ledbetters of Old Davidsonville
Aubrey Glen Mobley
About the Author:

Aubrey Glen Mobley lives in Northeast Arkansas, on Spirit Lake with his dog Zoey, his wife passed away June 22, 2007 from a tick borne illness.  Coping with the loss has proven very difficult.

Madeline Throesch, a lifelong resident of Randolph County, Arkansas, is a farmer’s wife, mother of four wonderful children, and a proud grandmother.  Having grown up in a large family, she always liked to read and developed a keen interest in history and genealogy.  So she was thrilled when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Aubrey Glen Mobley on writing this book.  “It has been fascinating to learn the early history of our area, and just plain fun!  I am greatful.”


In the early 1800’s the new government was encouraging people to go west and settle the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.  This story is about one of those families.

Herschel and Rachel Ledbetter took their thirteen children and headed west in search of free land and a new beginning.  They followed National Road from North Carolina to the Mississippi River, then headed south on the Southwest Trail to the Fourche River.  That was where the New Madrid earthquake changed everything.

This story is about the Ledbetter family and the rise and fall of Old Davidsonville, the oldest settlement in Arkansas

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