The Art of Discount Travel: Your Guide to Cheaper Flights & Cheaper Nights
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About the Author:

Travel for me was a passion from the day I discovered there was more world to see. I was never content to merely daydream. Nor would I be satisfied with the vicarious travel offered by movies and books. So I set about making travel feasible before I could afford it. Taking to heart an old saw my mother was found of reciting, I made "where there's a will there's a way" my personal mantra. 

Through reading and conversations with travelers, especially budget travelers, much was learned. And every trip I took expanded my knowledge base. Then I discovered the home-based travel agent opportunity. Being on the business side of travel opened the door to some spectacular discounts, including the occasional free flight or free hotel stay.

But stellar discounts were not always available. Sometimes the travel agent discount was no better than discounts available to anyone. So my quest continued. Gems were unearthed and, in time, I decided to share my knowledge in a seminar/class I created and named The Art of Discount Travel, a class that has been taught in Community and Continuing Education departments of dozens of colleges across the USA.


No matter your travel style, the purpose of this book is to help you substantially lower the cost of flights and lodging. The Art of Discount Travel: Your Guide to Cheaper Flights & Cheaper Nights provides a wealth of cost-cutting strategies and resources. Personal in style, the book is sprinkled with the author's instructive travel anecdotes and sense of humor. In addition to the many discounting strategies, a handful of workable strategies for securing the ultimate discount: free flights and free lodging is included. 

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