The Return (Not Published Copy)
Chris Darnell
About the Author:


Chris Darnell was an officer in the British Army for thirty years.  He served in the 2nd Gurkha Rifles and The King’s Own Scottish Borderers.  He resigned from the Army in 1999 having reached the rank of Colonel and whilst serving in the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall, London.  During his time in the Army he had a number of operational tours in Northern Ireland and was a battalion commander in the 1st Gulf War.

After leaving the Army he worked as a strategy director for a major defence electronics company and as global account general manager for a leading technology company.  He specialised in the NATO region.

He lives with his wife and shares his time between homes in London and South Africa.  He now combines his consultancy work with writing and certain charitable interests and involvements.

The Return is his first novel in the planned series of military thrillers featuring Paul Stanton, SAS.



Bernard Cornwell says of The Return:

"A novel of brutal authenticity, unflinching realism and compelling story-telling.  This is an enormously impressive debut and I look forward to more of Paul Stanton’s exploits!"

Introducing a new, modern day action hero, Paul Stanton, SAS

When the IRA mount a blitzkrieg attack on one of his operational bases and kill his men, Major Paul Stanton knows his security has been compromised.  But proving it and then finding those responsible is another matter.

Given the chance to do so, but with no safety net if he fails, Stanton goes undercover.  He tracks his targets from Bandit Country and the IRA strongholds of West Belfast into the South.  His trail takes him to the wrecked Wall Zone in Cold War Berlin, and here he delivers the return.

The Return is the first in the new series: The Paul Stanton novels.


"Intelligent, emotive and entertaining."  Matt Lynn, author of the Shadow Force novels

"… a gripping read in the best tradition of the military thriller…”   Patrick Mercer, author of To Do And Die, Dust and Steel and Red Runs The Helmand

“…a rattling good yarn…heartily recommend it as a good read.”  Reviews from the Army Rumour Service (ARRSE) book reviews

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