Skyscraper You-Mens
About the Author:

This book extends from my love from and learning from other animals.  I believe other species often understand us better than we can understand them.-- perhaps because we fail to recognize our instincts by giving our instincts a lot of other names and diagnoses.  

I am a cartoonist as well as a writer and researcher.  This is my seventh book with the excellent assistance of Liberwriter.  The cover is one of a series of cartoons ("I know -- but he may grow up to do something wonderful") inspired by a caged gorilla in "a squalid little slum" of a city zoo.  There were changes and improvements made... BUT ...



Declaring "Only lovers survive; only lovers can," beautiful, compassionate Sorrel Starling gets a job equal to her ego.  She is chosen to be the second missionary sent to convert the primitive you-mens of the New World.  Inspired by the creed of Aphrotite and bearing a message of love for all creation and a governing Declaration of Interdependence, Sorrel lands on Megaton Island, also known as the Melting Pot, on a continent assumed to be recently erupted.  The new missionary forgives all -- youman frailty, youman chicany, youman youbris -- and practically invents the science of AnthroApology.

From the Pebblestons, near relatives of the Rockefellas, through Ken Pethem, Scopes Case and Polly Lovejoy, this Equal Animal Rights, romantic adventure story is a satiric portrayal of prejudice intending to test youmane conceits with mind twists of righteousness.

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