A Ghoulish Good Time
Alan Zacher
About the Author:
I was a "struggling" actor in Los Angles for many years, so I know how to depict character, conflict and drama to the max. What I hold highest in writing--even above plot, character, and so on--is telling a great story! A story that makes you cry, or makes you laugh, or just plain makes you say: "That was one good read!"
This book is three "spooky" tales. The first one is of a burned-out, old, police detective who almost becomes a victim himself of a demon that whispers into its victim's ear of his/her innermost fears. The second story is of a second virgin birth in our time. Jesus bowed down to Satan the first time, and that changed our whole world. The world is ruled by Satan, and God gives man a chance with this new Mary. This story is full of giants, sword fights and man's salvation. The final story is a comedy of a very inept, wannbe private eye who while trying to save a girl's life, becomes involved with the Mafia, vampires and keeps peeing in his pants when scared--which is oftened.
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