Tale of Ephoreia
Stephanie Menges
About the Author:
Stephanie Menges is a fresh author. She loves creativity in all its forms. She writes fantasy books that have deeper spiritual undertones integrated finely into the pages of each of her books. Stephanie is also a beginning artist and illustrator. The books she writes are driven from inspiration that blossoms into alive, unique worlds. Her one of a kind worlds are set apart and bring the reader into a new experience unlike any other. She grew up loving video games, anime, and manga. Her work reflects her inner mind's favorite entertainment while giving moral lessons and key values.
Tale of Ephoreia is a fantasy adventure about two troll sisters and their quest to end Zenith. For over a thousand years the evil dragon has been left to torment the nations with only his past-friend Elvador left to contain him. After Zenith tricks Fae into entry, he terrorizes their kingdom. The girls’ father must rise up to defend Heaven’s Castle or be left to perish. The citizens are ordered to evacuate while a certain Ember Knight princess is placed into a pod against her will. Together the princesses go through the nations as they search for truths to bring down Zenith. As they travel they meet new allies, dive in kingdoms, and discover ancient secretes. Learn about the Ember Knights's legendary force that brings down dragons. The trolls of Heaven’s Castle have preserved the Ember Knights for over a millennia. Find out the truth behind the Blue Embers. What force powers their transformations? Discover the dragons supersolders created by humans from long ago. Figure out who Elvador is and his past that led him to his place of heroism. Watch as the truth behind the minibeasts and Zenith’s powers are revealed. Discover who The Inventors of Ancient are. Learn about the technologies they created and the dwarven bloodline that runs inside Melah. Follow a tale of faith and discovery, as the sisters learn to trust in a higher power beyond inventor text, the one who wrote the code. As they join nations together, the two trolls unite rival kingdoms to end The Tyrant Zenith. Watch all of Ephoreia stand up united under one leading force to end Zenith’s bondage.
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