Expat (subtitle A Posting to Moscow)
Isaac J. Oak (I.J. Oak for the book)
About the Author:

I am a retired Marketing and Sales professional living in Silicon Valley since 1978. I spent more than 25 years working for some of the largest and most successful companies in the business of Information Technology. In 1992 I was sent to Moscow on expat assignment and worked there for more than 2 years. Although my novel is historical fiction, it is inspired by the events I witnessed in that amazing time of great hopes and dreams. 


In 1992, the CEO of a successful Silicon Valley company that invented networked computing came to believe Yeltsin’s reforms will attract large flows of foreign capital to Russia. He thought Russia will be a new large market for his company. Mark Valli, an employee experienced in marketing company product line overseas spoke Russian. He was sent to Moscow on an expat assignment. An office was open, and a team was put in place. Mark spent lots of effort chasing the deals that proved elusive. Great many Western investors did come to Moscow in 1992. It became a cauldron of corruption, intrigue, organized crime, prostitution, and conspiracies against foreigners. SVR, the successor to KGB, deployed their pretty honeypot operators and compromised foreign businessmen. Many lost their investments, and some lost their lives. The Russian market was a mirage. But Mark did find a gem that was real. Cut and polished in Scotland. Her name was Anna Brown…

Expat is a work of historical fiction inspired by real events.

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