The Light After Loss
Sandy Bodeau
About the Author:

SANDY BODEAU is a Renaissance woman who is proving that the American dream is alive and well. Having arrived in the United States from her hometown of Madrid (Spain) with just $800 and no English vocabulary, Sandy went on to graduate top of her college class, not once but twice. Her optimistic, engaging, and caring personality made her an outstanding member of U.S. Senator Tom Carper’s team, advocating for constituents facing challenges with federal programs. When Sandy started her own jewelry business, Sira&Mara, those same skills enabled her to quickly build a strong and loyal customer base.

It was precisely those same customers who encouraged Sandy to start a personal style blog. The success of her blog led Sandy to be discovered by a TV producer in 2014. Since then, Sandy has become a regular contributor in Spanish speaking TV shows, including Univision’s Despierta América. As a blogger, Sandy has worked in multiple campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Disney, and her work has been recognized by major publications including Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan for Latinas.


When TV personality Sandy Bodeau announced on social medial that her family was expanding, congratulations poured in from various parts of the world. When she had a miscarriage 24 hours later, Sandy knew that she had to tell the world that she had failed.

What Sandy did not know was that telling her story would transform her and the community of women who followed her. By opening up about her struggles, Sandy showed many other women that they were not alone. And many of these women began telling their own stories for the first time.

The Light After Loss chronicles Sandy's journey using her Instagram posts. Each chapter includes:

  • The actual Instagram post shared on that day
  • Select comments from her followers
  • Details on what was really happening in Sandy's life at the time of each post
  • A real story of loss from one of the women from her community

Whether you have suffered the loss of a child, or you are the loved one of a woman that has, there is light after loss. This book reveals the path that Sandy took, and helpful lessons learned along the way. Join her in revisiting her journey so that many women suffering in silence can also find a light.

From the stories shared by real women about their loss:

  • "[T]he loss sent me into a terrible depression and I just don't feel ready. I do not know if I ever will. Believe it or not, in the middle of my mourning process, I still think that life is beautiful and I am thankful for people like you choosing to speak up about these issues and give those of us who are suffering in silence a voice."  - Nadia 

  • "I have never talked about this with anybody other than my husband. Not even my mother knows. I have had three miscarriages from natural pregnancies. [...] You are making me realize that all of those years of struggle when I felt completely alone, there were probably women around me going through the same."  - Vanessa

  • "It was my first pregnancy. I did not even know that I was pregnant. [...] Even though I never got to even be excited about being pregnant, it still hurt terribly. I felt like a part of me was gone. I have never told this story to anybody. Not even my family. My husband is the only one who knows and now you. I need to tell you as a way to free myself from carrying the secret for so long. Thank you for giving me the chance to do so."  - Nora

  • "I have had four miscarriages. [...] I went into a deep depression. I started having panic attacks. My doctor encouraged me to start seeing a psychologist and it helped tremendously. [...] It was during treatment that I found you on Instagram. After reading about your recurrent pregnancy loss, I finally did not feel alone and lost in this world. I finally learned I was not the only woman going through this. I also learned from you that I should not give up. I am 18 weeks pregnant and everything is going great."  - Tamara

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