"Cotekya" Ghost Warrior of Spirit Lake
Aubrey Glen Mobley
About the Author:


Auubrey Glen Mobley was born in the northeast corner of the state of Arkansas. When he was 5 years old he moved to the state of Arizona.

There he met an indian boy named Petie Martinez. Although Glen was only in the first grade, he was fascinated by his Indian friend. On day, Glen went, with his mother and father, to the Indian reservation to meet the real American Indian. They even went to the mountains, where they explored the village of the cliff dwellers; an awesome sight.

He returned to Arkansas five years later where he attended Lafe High School. After graduation, he went to Flint, Michigan, where he got a job at the Fisher Body Plant, later named the Chevrolet Truck and Bus plant. He retired in 1995, and returned to northeast Arkansas, where he purchased the Spirit Lake property.

The original lake, built by beavers, was destroyed in the 1800's when loggers cleared the land of all the trees.

In 1980, the Spirit Lake Development Corporation rebuilt the lake, renaming it Spirit Lake. Reaganomics halted any further development of the property.

In 1995, Glen learned he had Indian blood. His great grandmother was full blooded Quapaw Indian. With that knowledge and a story to tell, he began to research his heritage. With the help of Bill Jones, the story has now been told.

This story is about the Quapaw Indians who lived here.  



“Quapaw,” Indian word meaning, “Down stream people.”

            In 1541, Hernando De Soto slaughtered all the people of a tiny village of Quapaw Indians except for a 15 year old boy named Kyota.  Kyota fought back killing many Spanish soldiers, and finally put the fatal shot into De Soto.  The village was rebuilt, and Kyota vowed to never allow his village be destroyed again.  But he died in 1593, leaving his son Cotekya in charge of their safety.

            The village is near Spirit Lake, as the Indians called it, and is nestled in the foothills of the Osark Mountain range in Northeast Arkansas, near the present day town of Pocahontas.  The year is 1610 and the Spaniards have returned.  They were in search of the fabled city of gold that De Soto had sought long and unsuccessfully for.  But this time it would be different.

            The Chief, Cotekya, had a grandson also named Cotekya.  This is his story. 

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