Willow Crossing
Rhodora M. Fitzgerald
About the Author:

I'm a housewife with an imagination that is always on the move.  I created the beginning of this book while I was working in a factory, sewing covers for theater seats.  I would 'write' in my mind while I sewed, and then put it to paper when I got home from work. An active imagination is a wonderful tool for making a long day pass quickly. 

When we choose to step into the inner realm of imagination we remove the limits placed upon us by the ‘real’ world.  The characters in Willow Crossing find out that the imagination is a powerful thing, when they use it to escape their own realities.  


This is a fun, imaginative read.  It was written with middle-graders in mind, but college students and even adults have said it's a fun read, because it forced them to use their imagination. 

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