The Noble Peasant
Lois Bailey
About the Author:

—Through my eyes as a child, I knew that all children have the right to find that "magical place within themselves" - where they're able to develop their own unique gifts and talents. Children also need to be able to express their own voice within the family - and be heard.


—As an author of young people’s books - The stories I write emphasize the need for understanding and dignity for children of all ages and cultures. My books focus on strong family communication, as well as fulfilling expression. I write classic, timeless stories of hope, understanding, and dignity that warm the heart and soul.


I have written four Middle Grade novellas:


THE MAID’S DAUGHTER – A story of hope and inspiration about an African-American girl, Sally, and her loving mother.  Despite many odds, Sally is able to maintain her strength of character and attain her hopes and dreams.

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THE NOBLE PEASANT – A heartwarming tale of adventure and intrigue, set in medieval Europe, telling the story of a young princess, Rosalinda, who is rescued from certain death by a humble, honorable peasant.




BELLA – A lighthearted mystery of a caring Latino Middle School girl, Bella, who learns to balance her need for dignity and voice with her family relationships and responsibilities.

    Coming Soon


HER DIVIDED HEART – An enlightening story of growth and healing after Kate comes to terms and accepts her parent’s abrupt separation and divorce. The family finally learns to listen, and open their hearts to one another.

    Coming Soon


Lois J Bailey,  Author

"Children’s lives are beautiful and happy when expressed through their talents"





Pater’s family tragedies as well as his futile struggle to thrive leave the old peasant embittered and without hope, until he discovers the fragile young girl, clinging to life in the cold water of the Zwin Canal. The trauma of the ordeal leaves her unable to remember who she is.

The story unfolds, as a series of small clues finally reveal the true identity of his beloved little Rosalinda.  Intrigue ensues as Pater and his two humble companions devise a plan to return the Princess safely to the Castle in Bruges.

The Noble Peasant is historical fiction based around the early life of Judith of Flanders. Bruges, during the era of the Holy Roman Emperors, sets the scene for this story of tyranny and intrigue.


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