The Ageing Gene
Fergus Dignan
About the Author:

I am a general practitioner and have had an interest in genetics most of my working life (although I am not directly involved in the subject). I have followed developments in the subject over the years. Like most people, I suppose, I started thinking about my mortality when I hit my forties, and came to the conclusion that ageing is not purely a matter of wear and tear. I thought it very likely that somewhere in the human genome there is a gene or genes that influence ageing. Hence the book! 


The book is 'faction' i.e the plot is a work of fiction, but the substance of the novel is about genetics. I have researched the subject and taken care to get the facts right. I believe that it is therefore all accurate apart from the 'ageing gene' which is my speculation.

For anyone who might be interested in genetics but knows little about it, I believe this novel to be an interesting and stimulating introduction to the subject.

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