Cawley La'Fe
Aubrey Glen Mobley
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Aubrey Glen Mobley is the Author of such books as,

“The Story of Kyota the Legend of Spirit Lake”

“Cotekya, Ghost Warrior of Spirit Lake”

“Cawley La’Fe,”

“Tukamendada and the Arapaho Gold,” and

“The Ledbetter’s of Old Davidsonville,” all are classified as Historical Fiction.

His latest, “The Chosen Ones,” and “Nellope, the Mammoth,” are Science Fiction.

He makes his home in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in northeast Arkansas near the town of Pocahontas.



In the late 1600s, French explorers from Canada reached the lower Mississippi Valley and claimed it for France under the name Louisiana.  Sieur d’ Iberville established the first French settlement at Old Biloxi in 1699.  King Louis XIV sent a group of men, led by Jean Baptiste, to strengthen Frances hold along the confines of the Mississippi River.

This story is about those men and their impact on the settlement of the New World.  It covers the Land Grant given by King Louis XIV to the Quapaw Indians for their role in helping secure a lasting foothold in the Mississippi Delta.  It covers the rise and fall of John Law  and the first use of paper money.  It tells of the founding of New Orleans and the building of Fort Jean Baptiste at the Red River crossing in the present day city of Natchitoches, Louisiana.  It tells of Cawley La’Fe, a minor character in the story, and his lasting impact on the settlements of the nation.  The story couldn’t be told without him.  Lastly it relates the harmony between the Quapaw Indians and the French.  The French influence still exist tiday.

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