The Golden Thread
Matt Chase
About the Author:

‘Matt Chase’s descriptive powers really conjure up the sights and sounds of India.’ Andrew Watson.


‘Matt Chase’s way of introducing a subject is so graphic and magnetic…the reader walks beside him as he takes you from one scenario to the other’. David Bachop.


The Golden Thread is a very clever piece of non-fiction writing that reads like a novel. Why not join Matt in the back of a rickety rickshaw as you travel through India. A wonderful tale of twists and turns filled with delight and tension. I challenge you not to enjoy this book!’ Sharon Ball, Editor.



The Golden Thread is written by a true Dream Weaver. It draws you into his world with precision, succinctness and a touch of magic.

Once you have stepped onto the path with Matt Chase and spent a life enhancing month in India with him, diving from one synchronistic happening to the next – you will never want to leave.

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