TRUST: The Story of Mrs. Helen London
Steven London
About the Author:

I spent the better part of my life listening to the stories of the last three generations.  It was more than just luck that I had the opportunity to hear first hand of these tales. Older people talk about their lives not so much that the young ear will understand.  It gives them a chance to relive their lives and remember how they reached a particular point in their lives.

From this vantage point, I write.  I memorized their stories, not in just the words spoken, but of the meaning behind the words.  I don't know if the relatives who poured out their lives to a young child would be happy or angry in that I have taken their stories to heart.  Maybe they would be surprised that someone actual listened and understood them.

As in this novel, TRUST, or the characters in upcoming books, ask and have answered is an intrinsic question.  A question that we as humans ask ourselves near the end of our days, "Was i loved? Was I truly loved for myself?"  How do you answer that question for yourself today?



This novel tells a tale of New York City about one of the last centuries noteable characters.

Mrs. Helen London: it was a title she never rightfully earned.  She lived a charmed and equally tragic life.  As an irrefutable New York beauty of her generation, she was desired by many but only a few held. Mrs. Helen London was a woman from a questionable background who after a sensational trial became a woman of wealth at the height of the Great Depression.

The novel chronicles her as lies, loves and death follow her.  It is an amazing tale of an amazing woman.  Although the time period is the early twentieth century, the themes resonate as current as today.  Only technology and fashion change, people remain the same.  Equally intriguing is the fact that Helen London was my great aunt.  

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