The Sea with Diamonds
About the Author:

I am English, living in East Sussex with my husband. A few years ago we went on an Aegeon Cruise starting in Greece and finishing in Istanbul. It is the same journey that Angie, the protagonist of my novel, takes - although, unlike us, she is going there to kill herself. She imagines that she and her dead husband can share the joy of their burgeoning child in the spirit world.

I am a painter and novelist, taking equal pleasure in both activities. Some of my work can be seen on my blog at http://artistricky.blogspot.com. Why not take a look at it - or even become a follower?

I was born in the old Queen Charlotte's Hospital in London which is within the sound of Bow Bells and that, officially, makes me a cockney, although I only occasionally use cockney rhyming slang!

My husband and I have seven adorable grandchildren - 2 born in Australia, 2 in America (New Jersey), 2 in Paris and 1 in Scotland. Luckily for us, our son and daughter and six of the grandchildren now live in England and the one who lives in Amsterdam pops back home quite often. Bliss!!


When the horror of nine-eleven occurred in 2001, I imagined how it would feel to be a newly-married, newly-pregnant young American woman who had lost the husband she adored in the atrocity. I fancied that in the depths of her despair she would decide to kill herself, especially if she believed in an after-life. THE SEA WITH DIAMONDS telling the story of Angie, the grieving young widow, was thus born.

Angie leaves her rented Brooklyn apartment to fly to Athens where she joins a cruise-ship bound for Istanbul. There she intends to slip unseen into the sparkling water of the Bosphorus - the stretch of sea her husband had become enchanged with and where, 4 months earlier, she had conceived on their honeymoon.

On board Angie, a brash Texan couple and their frail young friend Mary-Lou, together with an elderly English couple are allocated the same dining table. Mary-Lou and Angie slowly bond and Angie discovers that her new friend has reason to be even sadder than she has. Angie does not reveal that she has been married, is pregnant, knew anyone working at the World Trade Centre or that she has previously been to Istanbul. 

Angie's resolve fluctuates but, by the end of the odyssey, during which Greek legends and real life have often intertwined, she has decided to go through with it.

The question is, can the elderly English woman who suspects Angie is disturbed and about to commit suicide save her?



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