Heaven's Not a Place
Cheryl Clayborn
About the Author:

Heaven's Not a Place is a story very close to my heart. I fell in love with the characters as I was writing about them. I lived and breathed them for so long in the writing process that I almost felt that they were my "other children."  Their heartache was my heartache, and their triumph was mine as well. In this tender story of love, I hope that my readers fall in love with the characters of Annie, Jack and Jenna--just as I did.


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It's summertime, and Annie Harrison suffers the plight of many single parents—she misses her daughter. While she is struggling to adjust to Jenna’s absence, the tragic death of a dear friend delivers another cruel blow. Then her dreams begin—dreams that are both haunting and intriguing.  And a series of strange incidents occur—each of them making Annie question her beliefs about life, death and the muted line in between.  Can her friend really be reaching out to her with an after-death message?  Or is grief loosening her grip on reality?

Heaven's Not a Place is a different kind of love story. And it also has tantalizing touches of the supernatural.  There are many different kinds of love...but the one most compelling is the love that transcends space and time...


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