Bella - A Story of Family
Lois Bailey
About the Author:




Lois J Bailey

As an author of Children’s books,

I believe in writing wholesome fiction that is

entertaining as well as educational.


I emphasize the need for understanding and dignity

for children of all ages—and my stories focus on

 strong family Communication as well as

fulfilling personal expression.


Originally from Akron, Ohio, my husband and I currently reside

in Florida, with our Maltese, and two cats.





A Story of Family



Anxieties from family responsibilities, along with the appearance of a new gang in the neighborhood, only worsen when Bella catches the glimpse of the eerie face of the old woman watching her on her way home from Middle School.

Her imagination is then fueled by rumors—and Bella is haunted by the thought of seeing the creepy face once again.

Finally, through the strength of her family’s love, Bella learns to face her challenges in positive ways—and the mystery of the old woman in the window—is finally revealed.

Bella, is the story of a loving Hispanic family, who live in central Florida.



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