Theodor Rasputin
About the Author:

The principle character of this book is an ordinary Russian guy named Vadim whose life is never uneventful, indeed Vadim can always be counted on to share a funny story with his friends; usually stories in which he was at the epicentre. Live through one summer of Russian life with Vadim and his attractive but at times critical wife Julia and come to understand how it is fun to be Russian. Drink vodka during a consultation at the clinic, experience a fishing weekend with friends, spend a relaxing summer week at the country Dacha and see how a seaside vacation to Egypt can be unusually eventful in the right company. Along the way you may find the answers to all those niggling little questions you never knew you wanted to ask. Why do Russians tie fishing boats to their feet while camping? How do you catch a bottle of vodka while fishing off your balcony? Why is it unwise to relieve yourself out the door of a Russian train at night? What German phrase do all Russian men know and when would they use them? Find out which is stronger; an Al Qaeda head or a Japanese television? And, just why is it essential that your wife always wears white knickers while travelling? While finding out, you will agree with the author of this book, that it is fun to be Russian and vodka is naked vitamin and pure energy! Enjoy reading and Na Zdorovie!

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