Making God CEO
Ivan Cocks
About the Author:

       From a broken-down entrepreneur and management consultant! It's time to pass on all that was taught

me while establishing, running profitably - and then selling three businesses during my business career.

Plus, those all important Life's and Prayer Lessons that bring about a state of happiness, joy and hope!


       Through the many business lessons in this eBook, there has to be at least one that will improve your

financial situation – making your investment of $0.99 probably the most rewarding you will ever make!

       Find out – in the time it takes you to read this eBook – those ‘magic’ teachings it took the author a

lifetime to learn.

       Then too, how do you put a money value to increased joy and happiness? Discover the means to

achieve this state of life. Walk through these pages and discern a Dear Friend who is totally concerned

with you!

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